Thursday, July 1, 2010

a few little prompts

sometimes finding a journal you love isn't the issue its how to keep it going, to keep the pages being filled with wondrous words. I suffer from this more than any other thing, I have many blank beautiful journals in my stash of notebooks, but then I get one off the shelf and Im left staring blankly at a blank page, which leaves me feeling unmotivated and kinda depressed. So in order to help you stop becoming me here are a few prompts I've found that have helped me keep my journal flowing.

Journaling Prompt
- Sit yourself in a favorite spot, or imagine an ideal place and describe it as an expanding bubble or sphere. Start with the center which is you, how you feel, your thoughts. Slowly expand, taking note of subtle nuances around you. Expand the sphere beyond your field of vision

Journaling Prompt - Creating lists can be a provocative way of assessing your creative internal thoughts and can spur insightful contemplation. When writing your lists, write what comes to mind, even if you feel it is a bit odd. List 15 things that change. List 15 things that do not change. (Hint don't stop at ten, challenge yourself; go on to 15.) Continue by using your lists for journal entry subjects, fiction or non-fiction writing.

I love this one:
Journaling Prompt - Make a record of "acts of compassion" that you observe in your life and around you.
before you know it you'll have pages of things that matter, instead of blank.

take your time, and enjoy the process
xx C


  1. I really love these ideas...especially the one about writing down "acts of compassion" - there is always someone out there doing something amazing, thankyou - think I'd better go dust off that Journal from the shelf!!!

  2. The list idea is a good one, I find that thinking sensibly always leads to thinking creatively